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    Egypt Housing Profile

    Egypt Housing Profile [ratings]


    A housing profile is the first step within the overall framework of the UN-Habitat Global Housing Strategy which aims to position “Housing at the Centre” of national and urban development, as an imperative for economic, environmental, cultural and socially inclusive cities. The housing profile of Egypt uses a comprehensive approach to the factors influencing housing in the country from housing finance, land and construction to institutional, regulatory and cultural settings. It provides decision-makers with the right information for effective policy development. The profile also makes clear recommendations in all core areas: new housing stock production should be accompanied by the upgrading of existing informal settlements; mechanisms to improve access to serviced land need to be implemented in order to provide housing solutions for 8.2 million households by 2030.

    Publisher: UN-Habitat
    HS Number: HS/037/16A
    No of Pages: 208
    ISBN Series Number: 978-92-1-131927-9
    ISBN: 978-92-1-132707-6
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